Liquid Easter Diet

Unfortunately my wired shut boyfriend was still wired shut for Easter. Poor guy. If there is anyone on this planet who loves a good meal that fills the table, it’s Jud. That being said I felt super terrible I was dragging him home to my parent’s house for Easter Dinner. I needed to do something that would distract him from the massive smoked ham on the table. Thus, I secured my thinking cap and whipped up a little somethin’ special.

The majority of his diet thus far has been pureed soups and smoothies. So realistically, he doesn’t get to enjoy the separate flavours that us fortunate chewers get to indulge in. BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR JAW- the motto of the year. Go out and grab yourself the biggest jaw breaker ever and relish the fact you can do it.

Ok back to puree city. After sipping on a few drinks with the men downstairs (at least he gets to wallow in Guinness?), he came up to the dining room table to see this….


Hot damn, we got variety! I spent the larger part of the day with Mama Ramey in the kitchen cooking up several storms. 5 to be exact. I know they passed the delicious test because I found Nanny and Aunt V tasting a good chunk of them. So what exactly was on the menu?

Creamy Corn

Smoked Ham and Bacon

Creamy Mashed Potato

Carrot and Dill

Mushroom and Thyme

Maple Sweet Potato

When all is said and done, that’s a whole lot of liquid. I certainly didn’t think he would be able to finish them all– he did.

I’m not going to write out the recipes for each of these, primarily because I don’t even remember what I did. What I learned over the past couple of wired shut weeks is that you pretty much need to jam as many flavours into one pot. The secret is doing everything from start to finish in one pot. That way you get all the little flavour bits from each step. For example, if you’re sautéing onions and garlic, use the same pot to the very end. The base of each of these was very similar, lots of onions, garlic, celery, chicken broth, and butter. A few simple ingredients that pack a lovely flavour punch. The more you caramelize each ingredient, the more flavour your are going to get in a cup of soup!

Email me if you’d like one of these recipes in particular. I can talk you through it.

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