Homemade Chocolate Pudding

Ahhhh Sunday. I love and hate you at the same time. WHY do you do this to me? So nice and so relaxing but so dreadful that you have to lead to Monday. What better than to fix the weekend-end woes? Homemade chocolate pudding. Obviously. I’m not sure what you were thinking but back up the tractor and go grab yourself some high quality cocoa.

After a unexpected lengthy evening of sipping (ahem, chugging) fizzy pops at the Alehouse, this day has pretty much been spent sleeping and eating in combination with minimal movement. I thought I might roast a chicken or something but that got busted when we thought it was a great idea to also grace the Pogue with our presence (we had a 19 year old kind of night).

I blame Jud. In hindsight, I love the fact that Jud will eat anything I throw at him. If there is anything I’ve realized over the last 6 jaw-wired-shut months, it’s that I miss cooking. He loves chocolate pudding so why not make a massive batch of it and rub it all over our faces.

My Mom gave me this idea actually. My Gram used to make this all the time for us kids and since we couldn’t find her recipe we surfed the net and found one comparable. Not knowing whether it was going to turn out or not at least we’d have some form of chocolate soup? We adapted this recipe from The Joy of Baking and it turned out ammmmmmazing. Today is actually the second time I’ve made it in a week. Why is that you ask? Jud shovels it in faster than I can scald milk.

You can find the recipe here at Joy of Baking. We both prefer the pudding warm as opposed to cold. It’s so creamy, so chocolatey, and so dangerous. So next weekend, lets all chug beer, dance to Stacey’s Mom, and eat pudding? Sound like a date?


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