New Addition

Everyone meet the newest addition to my kitchen. Cue screaming and peeing pants. EEEEE!!!!!! I still can’t believe it. I got this big boy last week. Why? WHY NOT is the proper statement really. I came home from work to find a note on the door to then find a note on Tuck to notes everywhere all over the apartment.

The last note lead to this tangerine beauty under the bed.


Jud (and his family) decided that I deserved a gift for all the TLC that I’d been dishing out towards his broken jaw. I was angry at first but was too overwhelmed by how flipping shiny and strong this guy is. Totally and 150% not necessary but I’m a million plus blue % ecstatic.

I dreamed of the day I’d get to play in the kitchen with one of these. You’ll be seeing lots of beautiful and delicious eats created by the two of us. The two of us being Al-Khatib and I. That’s right, I’ve named him after Jud’s oral surgeon. #properthing.

Feel free to come over and touch him. I do, daily.

The only stipulation upon accepting the gift was to ensure there were plenty of eats for all (‘all’ being the Elkins). The first time Al-Khatib beat himself was for a batch of mint chocolate chip cookies. Nothing enormous but they did make a great little lunch box treat. Al will be on deck again tonight when I tackle a sweet as sin dessert for the weekend. Stay tuned on how those turn out.

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