Parmy Chicken Escalope


Let’s be serious, hump day really doesn’t bring anything special to the table. Aside from being humpy, you still have 2 more work days to get you to sleeping-in-and-hanging-in-the-undies-all-day mode. Not to worry, I am thoroughly enjoying myself a nice TALL glass of red wine. Not used to the adjective ‘tall’ to describe wine? That’s because you probably aren’t drinking it out of a mason jar here this evening. While enjoying my tall glass I realized that I’ve been slacking on the blog front. It doesn’t mean I love ya’ll any less or that I’m not eating. It just means that life has been cray-cray. I’ve had the opportunity to spend copious amounts of hours with Tuck and my unwired jaw boyfriend. This past weekend I spent Mother’s Day in Saint John with the Elkins. It was lovely as per usual. Steak, caesars, and bacon were on repeat. Ever have one of Papa Elkin’s caesars? Nine times out of ten they pack a punch and come with a ‘drink while seated tag’.  More importantly have you ever had his steak? I’d have to call it juicy as sin and cooked to perfection. Literally, this would be the only circumstance I’d eat my bodyweight in rare meat.

Now that I have a slightly less than ‘tall’ glass of wine I sense I should get back to the point. My fears have come true, not only do I ramble in real life but also on the keyboard. A week back I made a scrumptious take on chicken parm. I thought perhaps it might give your hump day a special little kick in the ass.

It seems lately that Jud loves anything encrusted. So when I saw Chef Jeff making this at work I immediately took mental notes. I suppose you could call this my rendition of his recipe by taking what I can remember and what I thought would taste good. Aside from the fact that it was crispy and juicy it looked pretty fly too.


This is what you’re going to need:


Chicken Breasts (4 is a good solid number)

Panko bread crumbs



S &P

Shallots, diced

Garlic, diced

Cherry tomatoes, halved

Fresh mozzarella


Take chicken breast and wrap with suran wrap or parchment paper and whack with the side of your meat mallet. I don’t have a meat mallet (gasp) and used my rolling pin. You can use whatever you can whack with! You basically want to whack the chicken out evenly until it is about ¼ inch thick. This will make it nice and crispy. You’re then going to want to set up an egg wash station. This includes 1 bowl of fork beaten egg, 1 bowl of flour, 1 bowl of panko. You’ll need roughly 2 eggs and 2 cups each of the dry ingredients. Dip chicken in egg, then flour, then egg, then panko. Put some olive oil in a pan and turn to high. Sear chicken on both sides until they are golden and season with S&P. Transfer to the oven and bake for 350 degrees for 15ish minutes. In the same frying pan, add diced shallots, garlic, and tomatoes. Once finished, pull chicken from the oven and top with slices of fresh mozzarella and the tomato mixture. Pop it back into the oven until the chicken is done and cheese has melted. Use a meat thermometer or cut into that chicken to see if it’s done. I served mine over rice but a nice swiss chard salad would suffice as well!

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