Chocolate Covered Bacon

NOW. Hold on to your mind, it’s about to be blown.

I hate to do it to you on hump day, I really truly do. I also apologize if you are battling with eating incredibly healthy. This treat is by far on the naughty list. But as I say up at the top left hand side of this blog: ‘one part naughty.’ Thus, eat these in moderation.

I like to imagine that years ago chocolate and bacon secretly had an affair and since then have always been sneaking around. The two merry together so tastastically that you’d think they were a product all on their own. The chocolate accentuates the smokiness of the bacon and polishes off it’s saltiness. It’ll no question confuse your taste buds.

These were actually made for Jud’s and Drew’s duel birthday celebration. Jud of course, loves chocolate more than me. Drew, naturally, is more obsessed with bacon than anything else. The two together? Make the perfect little treat.

Chocolate Covered Bacon (20 pieces)

1 package of bacon (the thicker the better)

1 bag of milk chocolate chips

1 T of shortening

Fry bacon on the stove or use the oven. It’s all based on your preference. Let bacon cool. In the mean time, melt chocolate chips using a double boiler or microwave. I find it quicker in the microwave. For this method you have to stir the chips every 20 seconds to ensure you don’t burn them. BURNT CHOCOLATE BLOWS. Once you can whip the spoon around pretty smoothly, add the shortening. This spreads the chocolate a little thinner and gives it a solid shine. Grab a piece of bacon and dip it in chocolate. I like to leave the end of the bacon uncovered so it makes it easier for serving. Lay down on grease piece of wax paper. If you want to make them look super cool, go to town on the sprinkles. Refrigerate before serving.

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