Jim ‘N Nicks

Since I’ve made it back from my 66+ hour drive through the southern states, there have been a few things that I really really REALLY miss and a few I’m glad are over. Actually there are only 3 things that I’m glad I no longer have to deal with. To start, I’m over the moon that NS weather cools down in the evenings. I’m actually just happy we have a breeze and I’m not permanently sweating sitting still. Their 45 degree heat is something else. Apparently we travelled during a heatwave, why not right? Two words: Ass sweat. Probably didn’t expect to see them in a food blog eh? Just being realistic. And the other two things kind of go together: I’m glad I’m no longer driving and that I can drink as much as I want and not have to worry about the next pee break.

Aside from that, we had a fabulous trip and enjoyed the company of many friends and family. We left Halifax and ventured for Alabama and then Nashville and followed by Chicago. There are many separate food stories that I’m over the cow excited about sharing with you. To start, MEAT.

So. So. Much. Meat.

I literally think I ate more protein in 3 days than I have to date this year. There were several times when all I had on my plate was meat. It was a completely different way of eating. The food in the south is just so centred on the meat. Not to mention, so tender, so juicy, and so monumental. I say this because whoever is cooking the meat, legitimately takes pride in it. For godsakes don’t mess with the cooking process ya’ll.

Alabama is such a neat state. People are friendly and address you as “Miss Asheley.” Ya’ll is part of their regular vocabulary but so is it in mine. Ya’ll (ha) are probably wondering why we stopped in Alabama? It was for the beautiful wedding of Jud’s cousin, Margaux (more to come on that :). Her step-brother mentioned that we should stop by Jim ‘N Nicks in Tuscaloosa. It appeared to be somewhat of a chain in the southern states. I’m not often one to head to a chain resto while vacationing. He did however say “they have the best damn creamed spinach I’ve ever had.” I ain’t never had creamed spinach before, so away we went.


Our meal started with a basket of little cheese biscuit which were ridiculous. The bride had warned me of these. As if I didn’t already take down half the basket, our waiter refilled it for us. They were different than your traditional cheese biscuit here in NS. I found them sweeter and served with a honey butter. Not to worry, I bought the biscuit mix and brought it home with me. BISCUITS FOR EVERYONE B*TCHES.

We ended up getting a deluxe combo of brisket and pulled chicken with a side of creamed spinach and fries. Aside from the whole meal being drop dead delicious two things stood out above the rest for me.

Brisket and cream spinach.

Unreal, like I don’t even know what to tell you. We were dipping everything in the cream spinach. Unreal.

I licked the bowl. :|

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