Southwest Po’ Boy

Oh HAY. I found these super cute food baskets not too long ago and knew that we’d have to conjure up something delicious to fill out the basket. Why not do my own take on the Louisiana po’ boy sandwich. Not familiar with the po’ boy? It’s basically just a big ‘ol submarine sandwich that you can barely close. It usually always contains meat and traditionally contains fried seafood. Can’t close it? You better believe I’m all in.

Often times with my new internship, I find it a little trickier to get home and get supper on the table in an interesting way. Interesting generally means more time. Not saying it isn’t worth the effort. Po’ boy > KD. We are fast approaching a long weekend and I thought you might all enjoy putting a little something interesting on the table.

I found some great bread at the market that had a great crisp crust with a fluffy center. So I knew it’d be perfect for my po’ boy. Since I’m not the hugest fan of seafood, I decided to make me some fried chicken. My second favorite food in the world (next to cheese) is caramelized onions. So you’ll see tons of those on there too. I’ve deemed this the Southwest Po’ Boy but the cool thing about something like this is you can put a compilation of your favorite things between those enormous pieces of bread and call it whatever you want.


2 chicken breasts, cut into strips

Shake and Bake mix


Mom’s dill pickles


Hellman’s mayo

Frank’s Red Hot

French bread

Cracked pepper

Cut your chicken into strips and coat it with Shake and Bake. Place chicken in hot olive oil and sautee in frying pan. Meanwhile, mix ¼ cup mayo to 1 tsp of Frank’s Red Hot (next to Jud, Frank is my favorite man). Cut loaf in half and place in basket. I found it best to put the sandwich together in the basket because it helps to keep everything together. I had my onions caramelized beforehand. I find that they take a bit of time to make sure that you don’t burn them and get the proper caramel color (you can keep these for 4 days in the fridge). To do this just slice them thinly and add oil and a pinch of salt. The salt really helps to get the sugars out of the onion. I added the chicken, onion, tomato and dill pickle. Assemble it as you wish and finish it off with some cracked pepper.

*I realize I used Mom’s dill pickles. Purely because they are the best thing ever (so sour). I know you don’t have access to said pickles, so use your fav or come on our and have a few.

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