Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Who doesn’t love a good feed of some hash browns, even better if you can up the ante on the heath factor by using sweet potatoes. I popped by Avery’s in Greenwood not too long ago and grabbed a sweet potato. Why did I grab just one? Because they were MASSIVE. I mean like almost the size of a turnip. It was a brut to peel and chop I tell ya.

My go-to is usually sweet potato fries in the oven but I was pinched for time and figured I’d try making some hash browns. When I come home from work it’s not too often I use a recipe or even have one in the back of my head. Even though my favourite thing to do is look through cookbooks, I don’t often plan ahead and therefore just do whatever the fridge is saying. The same goes for the spices I used here. You could totally use whatever you have in the cupboard and if you have fresh, I’d almost rather those.


sweet potato

olive oil

garlic, diced

onion, diced



Peel and dice sweet potato very small. The bigger the pieces, the longer it will take to cook and the more likely it’ll end up in a mushy mess. Add oil to the pan and once hot add the potato. Once potato begins to soften, add the onion (you don’t want to add this too early as it will get done before the potato). Closer to the end, add your spices and the diced garlic. You’ll likely need to sauté this for about 20ish minutes. A little longer than the normal fried potato!

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