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Pancetta Roasted Brussels Sprouts

March is Nutrition Month, so I figured I would tackle my nemesis. And I’m really not sure why. I think I’ve always been scared of them because everyone says how terrible they are.… Continue reading

Fried Cheese Squares

Oscars! Oscars! Oscars! <p>I mean really. Golden Globes CHECK. Grammy’s CHECK. I do love a good star fest. The dresses, the hair, the mani-cam. Buttttttt what about the food folks? What a better… Continue reading

Sunnyside Goodness

Last week I received just the most absolute wonderful basket from Sunnyside Mall. They have 4 new stores that are opening this October:   World Tea House The Middle Spoon Liquid Gold Saraj… Continue reading

Wild Mushroom, Kale & Pancetta Stuffing

Even though pumpkins and hay bales have been out for quite some time, it’s really only officially been fall a little over a week. So far so good, this fall has been beautiful!… Continue reading

Big Day Downtown 5: People’s Choice

Yay! I got invited to join 30 fabulous bloggers to participate in the 5th annual Big Day Downtown. We were all treated to the new location of Onyx with beautifully delicious appetizers, great… Continue reading

Bumble Berry Cheesecake in Phyllo

Not gonna lie, these little bad boys are kinda the cutest. A little bit of work is involved but it’s all worth it in the end. I’ve been swamped with wedding planning and… Continue reading

Pork Cauli-rice

  This is quite frankly one of the better things I have made this year. HOLY HELL. I’ve seen sooooo many different ways that you can use cauliflower. Secret is out that cauliflower… Continue reading

A Pete’s Inspired Father’s Day BBQ

  What more does Dad want for Father’s Day than a nice cut of meat? If anything, the BBQ cover needs to come off for my Dad to be happy. A little sunshine,… Continue reading

Sausage & Mushroom Stuffed Pasta

    Ummmmmmmm so this girl gets married in 97 days. WE HAVE HIT DOUBLE DIGITS folks. Terrifying and exciting all in one. Which is why I’ve likely overcompensated with some luscious carbs… Continue reading

A Pete’s Inspired Mother’s Day Brunch

Mom’s are the best. Like the actual best. In fact, every Sunday you should make your Mom brunch. I can remember many a Mother’s day when I made some type of creation for… Continue reading